Saturday, March 12, 2011

Purrfect 10 For Lazy Sunday

Purrfect 10 is participating in Lazy Sunday this week!

Lazy Sunday 03/12/11
For just 75 lindens you can get this special edition rose stiletto, Sunday only! You can find it at our main store here.

Like all of our shoes there are multiple menu options to adjust the skin tone, nail textures, sounds, animations, and of course, fit. Make sure to pick up these beautiful new shoes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Latest Releases

Purrfect 10 has two gorgeous new releases available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Purrfect 10 Florence Heels by Strawberry Singh 2

The new Florence heel has options to change every part of the shoe as well as a variety of nail colors.

Purrfect10-Damaris - By Strawberry Singh 2

The Damari boot has been released in patent and in leather. Every color of boot has a black option and the fabric insert can be tinted to whatever color you choose.

Find them all at our Purrfect 10 main location here.

Thank you to Strawberry Singh for the lovely photos.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Amara In Red

Purrfect 10 Luxury Footwear

Our Amara stiletto in red. Photographed and styled by Strawberry Singh.

Purrfect 10 Gifts

Purrfect 10 VIP Group Gift:  Paisley Serenity

The special edition paisley 'Serenity' is the latest Purrfect 10 VIP group gift.

Purrfect 10 Group Gift:  Denim Serenity

The beautiful denim 'Serenity' is our first group gift for our standard Purrfect 10 group. This gift is also available to our VIP members.

Purrfect 10 VIP Group Gift:  Leopard Serenity

The leopard 'Serenity' was our VIP grand opening group gift and is still available.

Find all of these styles and more at our main store inworld.

Welcome To Purrfect 10

Purrfect 10 Luxury Footwear

We'd like to thank the very talented Strawberry Singh for taking some lovely photos of our new releases, including our new 'Isabelle' boot.

Purrfect 10 Luxury Footwear

A close up of the stunning 'Amara' stiletto.

Purrfect 10 Luxury Footwear

The 'Serenity' stiletto.

Visit us on Flickr to see more photos of our grand opening line.